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Ground cube
Water cube

Land NFT

A harmonious mix of cubes

The lands are NFTs on the WAX blockchain and can be purchased on AtomicHub or NeftyBlocks. The lands and resources are created exclusively for Aphelium and are hand drawn by our in-house graphic designer.

The lands are made up of cubes of ground and water placed randomly to form an image of 2048x2048 pixels. The cubes of ground and water will be selected with random percentages to prevent players finding lands with the same ratio.

It will be possible to find land without water, but currently you will not find land without ground. As for now there is only one aquatic resource, and the absence of land would prevent construction of ground-based buildings. All of the buildings you own in your Aphelian lands will not be attached to the ground, but will hover above it through magnetism, they will be floating buildings!


Unique resources

Lands come with a set of resources that other players can extract for you working on your land.
Every resource has his own use and will help you to survive on this unexplored planet.

Trade, craft, eat. Get out the most of your resources and you will conquer the planet!

Aphelim Mushrooms
Aphelim Bauxite
Aphelim Fruits
Aphelim Crops


  1. Initial idea

  2. Start development

  3. Server creation and initial marketing

  4. Demo bot

  5. Land sale and Beta release

  6. Marketing campaign

  7. Token release


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